At, Sapphire Dry Fruits, walnuts are adjusted, single-seeded product. It is following full aging, the evacuation of the husk uncovers the wrinkly walnut shell, which is generally financially found in two portions, three-section shells can likewise shape.Indeed, Walnuts are late to develop leaves, usually not until more than part of the way through the spring. They emit synthetic compounds into the dirt to keep contending vegetation from developing.

Walnut meats are accessible in two structures; in their shells or shelled. The meats might be entire, divided, or in littler segments because of preparing. Walnuts are frequently sweetened and might be utilized as fixing in different foodstuffs. Cured walnuts that are the entire natural product can be exquisite or sweet relying upon the safeguarding arrangement. Walnut spreads can be handcrafted or acquired in both crude and simmered shapes.

We provided the Walnut, which is accessible monetarily and is mainly utilized as nourishment fixing especially in serving of mixed greens dressings. It has a low smoke point, which constrains its utilization for fricasseeing.


Walnut Kernal


Walnut Kernal